Professional Services // Ektron

Professional Services

Ektron's Client Services team is dedicated to ensuring that all aspects of your Ektron website implementation are successful. Our team provides advice and guidance on how to structure your unique solution including:

  • Configuration and infrastructure support
  • End-to-end implementation services
  • Comprehensive training for authors, administrators and developers
  • Post-launch managed services to ensure a successful outcome that will stand the test of time

Consulting Services

Looking for assistance in defining how to approach an Ektron implementation? Need to develop a comprehensive plan on how to grow and expand your Ektron website? Need technical guidance for integrating or customizing Ektron within your environment? Ektron's Consulting Services team is the answer. Providing both business-focused and technically-oriented advice, the Consulting Services team is comprised of resources with more than a decade of Ektron-specific implementation experience. Each consulting service engagement is customized to meet the unique challenges of each customer and provides tangible, defined answers to Ektron questions.

Infrastructure and Configuration Support Services

The Infrastructure and Configuration Support team is dedicated to assisting customers in defining web hosting topologies, providing advice on performance tuning Ektron-powered web sites and to ensuring that Ektron configurations align to time-tested and proven Ektron best practices.

Training Services

Training is one of the most essential elements of any successful Ektron deployment. The Training Services team provides dedicated training classes for Ektron authors, administrators and developers to ensure that your organization is able to manage and maintain your Ektron-powered website well into the future. In addition to providing instructor-led, hands-on training classes, the Ektron Training Services team offers customized training classes that take into account your specific implementation so that students don't just learn Ektron - they learn your site.

Implementation Services

Ektron's Implementation Services team offers comprehensive, end-to-end architectural, development and deployment services to ensure a successful Ektron-powered website. Utilizing either agile or waterfall-based methodologies, the team of business analysts, project managers, information architects, web designers, CMS architects, development managers, application engineers and quality assurance testers follow the lessons learned in building literally thousands of Ektron-powered websites with customers around the world. In addition to excelling at traditional Ektron development, the Implementation Services team is proficient in developing customizations to Ektron and working with third-party or proprietary systems, tools and applications to deliver top-performing websites that drive business value.

Post-Launch Managed Services Support

The Managed Services Support team is focused on ensuring the proper operation and performance of your Ektron website, post launch. From monitoring site performance and activity, to applying system and OS-level patches, to upgrading Ektron as new versions become available, the Managed Services Support team ensures a long-lasting, well-performing Ektron web site.