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Mobile Websites and Applications


The shift from desktop to "Post-PC" devices like Smartphones and Tablets is one of the most significant transformations in computing history.  But many companies are not optimizing the delivery of web content to customers across all mobile devices and mobile apps.

"By the end of 2014, the installed base of devices based on new lightweight mobile operating systems like Apple iOS, Google Android and Microsoft Windows 8 will exceed the total installed base of all PC based systems." - Gartner Identifies Top 10 Commercial Business Applications for Tablet Devices

Optimizing your site for delivery to mobile devices requires a Web Content Management System that is capable of detecting the unique screen-sizes and capabilities of smartphones and tablets and delivering the right experience to each device.

Optimize Digital Experiences for Smartphones and Tablets

Responsive Web Design

Ektron makes it easy to use Responsive Web Design and CSS media queries to detect the browser screen size and capabilities to deliver a tailored experience for popular screen sizes and layouts in a single template.  Take advantage of the latest responsive frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap.

Visual Page Layout

Marketers can now visually create and instantly preview pages, seeing how they will appear on desktops and smaller screen sizes like smartphones and tablets, even previewing how the content will appear on a specific device, in either landscape or vertical views.

Adaptive Image Resizing

Ektron automatically resizes images for the breakpoints you define, and provides the right-sized version of your image for site visitors. Marketers also get visual tools to rapidly switch from one image to an entirely different one based on breakpoint.

Device and screen size detection

Take advantage of the built in WURFL Device Description Repository to understand device type, capability and screen size.  Based on that input, the CMS automatically provides an optimally sized image.

Mobile-centric Performance

Ektron helps you deliver content that matches each visitor's screen size and device. Adaptive image resizing helps boost performance by serving up images that will perform better on smaller screens and over mobile networks that frequently have slower connection speeds than desktops. Developers can also take advantage of HTTP compression and CSS/JavaScript aggregation to boost mobile performance.  And support for RESS makes it easy to create pages that load longer form content and larger assets on big screens, while surfacing less content on mobile devices.

Improve SEO

Ektron's natively responsive approach means you will only have one URL for each page, which improves SEO and helps visitors get to the content they want.

Content Targeting

Personalize content to specific devices, and use device specific capabilities, like geolocation to deliver a targeted digital experience to visitors.  

Mobile Video

Ektron's built-in integration to the Brightcove Video Cloud simplifies the delivery of video to mobile devices.  Video is automatically encoded to the best format for mobile delivery, to ensure an optimal experience across all device types and network speeds.